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California's leading one-stop shop for successfully starting and maintaining your real estate portfolios

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You Should Hire Us If

  • You need help managing your rental properties 

  • You want to grow your current portfolios

  • You lack systems and procedures for day to day operations

  • You’re starting to feel overwhelmed and unorganized in your work environment

  • Your employees  are not as efficient as you would like them to be

Things We Help With

Monthly Consulting

Project Management

Online Presence & 


 Work one-on-one with our property management specialists to start your investment portfolio or structure your current portfolios to run like a well-oiled machine. 

This runs the world in 2020…

If you don’t look good to potential customers on the internet…you will never hear from them. Let us help you gain new clients by improving your online presence. 

We will coordinate your property rehab from coming up with a budget to hiring and overseeing our licensed, experienced contractors.   

Staff Training &


Profit Enhancement

We run a diagnostic on your current portfolios to analyze how you can earn more profit on a monthly basis by making simple adjustments.  

Are your property managers properly trained and as efficient as you'd like them to be? Hire us to do a 2 day crash course to get them up to speed. 

Satisfied Customers

"I was referred to this company by one of my teammates and ended up working directly with Chelsea.  I had a good amount of money saved up from playing in the league and always wanted to get into real estate but didn't know where to start.  Being ignorant in real estate, Chelsea stepped right in and educated me, helped me buy my first triplex and handled the project management.  She went above and beyond and even helped me find a property management company after we were done with the project.  We are now working to buy my second property and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my investments.  Thanks Chelsea!"


Washington, DC

"I bought a duplex 2 years ago and honestly had no idea where to start with it.  Everyone encourages you to buy property but don't talk about the crucial steps that come after that.  I was referred to "The Maven" by a real estate colleague and after speaking with their lead specialist, Chelsea...I was sold.  They are truly experts in their field and helped me get my old tenants out, rehab the unit and get it back on the market for 20% more than I was charging before.  It was so refreshing to have Chelsea (a true guru!) teach me step by step how to tackle my investment property.  The constant cashflow and reduction of stress has been lifechanging because she taught me how to do things the right way! Thanks Chelsea!"

Michelle S.

Los Angeles, CA

"After working with The Management Maven for over a year now, I can honestly say, its been nothing but improvements since day 1.  My wife and I started off with the 2 day crash course because we are a small mom and pop company that needed some additional training.  They trained us along with our employees. Before we hired them, we were doing everything in house and it just wasn't working anymore.  We were exhausted and honestly wanted to get out of the property management business.  The owner of the company came to our office and helped us really find out why our business wasn't growing.  A year later...we're in the best business shape of our career. "

Executive Properties & Svcs

Detroit, MI

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